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2014 Lijiang river running, running is a landscape landscape, the natural scenery, compared to the self! In November 30, 2014, the most beautiful Chinese landscape marathon -2014 Lijiang Lijiang River cross-country run (trial run) will be shooting in Yangshuo West Street.

in Yangshuo, no matter what you do, walking, riding, sailing and drift...... All can let you free. So do you try running? In November, the most beautiful Yangshuo, Lijiang River in the Strait, a 42 km scenic Lijiang off-road routes, is waiting for you in!

November 30, 2014, China's most beautiful landscape marathon -2014 Lijiang Lijiang River cross-country run (trial run) will shoot in Yangshuo West Street.

this cross-country race is planned by the West Tang outdoor sports planning Co., Ltd., and Yangshuo's ang Sai outdoor Sporting Club Hotel co operates with runner equipment, and is supported by the French Consulate in Chengdu alpine Sichuan mountain tourism development cooperation office. Salomon, OSPREY, Fire-Maple, MAOGEAR, DALI and other brands offer sponsorship to this event. "Outside", "outdoor outdoor equipment", "wild", "SIZE", "fifth outdoor channel", "running the world", "fashion health" and other sports magazine, Sina, Sina, Sohu running outdoor outdoor, outdoor, Tencent run net benefit and 42 brigade, Wyatt ran the network, cool and runners said sports media will make a full report on the event. The Asian outdoor exhibition, the coolest sports community, the Piun, the Neusoft, the Gobi eye, the city wall run, and the dome will also work together.

2014 Lijiang cross country running as a mountain cross-country race, divided into 42 kilometers and 21 kilometers, two levels of competition, the entire line is difficult, the middle has less than 10 kilometers of rural roads, the total climb up to 1000 meters.
has begun to enter the competition. The total number of participants is 300.The
entry has already started, the competition provisions of the total quota of 300 people, runners can sign up 10-11 in October 27, the top 100 applicants will receive up to a bar.

as a result of the trial run this year, all participants will be permanently retained the number and qualification of the competition, and the annual quota of entries will be one year free.
2014 Lijiang River cross-country run will start at 8:30 on November 30th at 8:30 a.m. and close at 16:30 p.m. the whole time is 8 hours. The starting point is located in the world famous Yangshuo West Street, and then along the Lijiang River upstream, a beautiful scenery, like a fairyland run, end point at Lijiang essence of the nine horse painting Hill scenic spots.
"Guilin Scenery in the world, Guilin Yangshuo Guilin, Yangshuo Guilin Scenery landscape brought together the essence of dozens of continuous peaks, such as bamboo shoots out of the ground, around the mountains around the water, beautiful.
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