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Frank the Butcher and the famous American The Distinct Life Reebok and the trend of the latest version of Ventilator launched a joint cooperation, shoe body selected wine red leather, suede and grey cloth mixed material, and the tongue and heel respectively The Distinct Life and logo Frank the by BAU brand Butche in charge of the design, will be limited edition in March 30th British shop Hanon.

NIKE's outdoor shoes have been around for a long time with Lava, Dome, Air, Magma, and Air Talaria, and must have a new shoe model to replace these shoes that have bored everyone. This time, NIKE new exposure, a new Nike ACG Premium Boot outdoor shoes, this paragraph belongs to the ACG series, so that it has all-weather conquer the superiority of the ground. NIKE uppers of the latest technology VacTech and Gore - Tex materials of high quality waterproof leather with waterproof structure design, to maintain the best state of all-weather, the air damping effect of the best Phylon in the bottom, keep the wearer comfortable all day long, and convenience and protection. The heel also incorporates the AIR MAX design, which adds to the shock absorption and elasticity of the shoes. There's also midnight fog / orange color exposure, and it will soon be more colorful.


in the morning of October 21, 2016, in honor of running for one hundred days, I ran in the middle playground, and ten kilometers spent 53 minutes and 05 seconds, breaking my own 54 minutes and 38 seconds.

that morning, the sky dark clouds at any time waiting for the rain, after three kilometers, finally did not hold, the patter of rain on the runway, morning the children gradually exit the playground, through the fence, the street people walk to work faster. I thought, today is to commemorate the one hundred day of running, even if the rain is bigger, it will run ten kilometers in the rain, so it will be the only focus of this picture to decorate the open playground.

because running frequently, the concept of ten kilometers is not a long distance, but at that time, in the rain, around the runway and circled one by one, and the water splashing under the feet, it made the ten kilometer long and lonely. At that time, the belief was that in the rain, I was still a runner, insisting on being a dream and enjoying this kind of suffering stimulation, and then quicker up, faster and more intense than usual. At the foot of the big splash up, his forehead turned to rain; exercise children stretch in the stands, seems to be the audience like me, I see a show on the stage, is the lack of flowers and applause; the pedestrian street is a lot less, but walking speed is still so fast, and no umbrella, hand holding a book cover on the head, trotting, while rain, while trotting charge to their destination. I know they will not pay attention to this stage of my personal life. They will not stop their pace and watch my show. This kind of things will satisfy me, enjoy running, and fail to achieve the goal. In the same way, I won't pay attention to them, and run around a circle of dreams.

running time more than 50 minutes later, the rain was galloping away my thoughts in the domineering, running time and pace as freely, imperceptibly run to the end point, this time it was discovered that the right lateral leg pain, but with the hardships of the rain have been satisfied to occupy, completely fresh, run after the rain stopped still.
This is not what
should match, and not won the prize, but not take place, it is not possible to arouse people's attention, can see the run down of data records, is really a kind of indescribable sense of achievement and passion from a step by step toward the jump shot, a little bit of accumulation in the end, such as the roaring waves a get out of hand. It may not be a novelty to notice, but the hard journey is always repeated back and forth in my mind. Calf strain and physical pain, speed limit, again to stimulate those hard stick thoughts, but yearning for happy and healthy desire to bring out the field force, in the ordinary foot strong extension. I think that's how I beat myself and give me my own award, and give it to my best gift on the 100 year old.

loves running, ten kilometers, 21.0975 kilometers, until >

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