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A runner in the night run
What is the runners missing in
? If you think it's a "reflector", you should praise yourself. Even the most experienced runners can review the safety rules every other time. So we have to catch the five most important rules of security that you need to remember in each run.

often has to let someone know where you go and when to come back to

with a mobile phone, there are available small bags and armbands will make it more simple.

don't run
with headphones
it makes it harder to hear the sounds of cars, dogs and others.

do not violate traffic
when running on the road
walk on both sides of the road as much as possible. Never think that the car can see you!

when running in the morning or late at night, wear reflective clothes and light the light

in the late night, a runner is visible only within one hundred steps, but this distance does not prevent a car from hurting you. The reflector can be seen in 1/4 miles and a light light can be seen by the driver in half a mile.

if you're hurt, stop

if you run with pain, it can cause other injuries. Remember rice: rest, ice, compression and altitude. If any problem suddenly appears, take two days off and go to the private doctor if it continues to be injured. (Sina running water)

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