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Please be sure to read the original text

when you go online, do you usually click that headline to look at the contents? You know, when most people browse the web or see the contents recommended by micro-blog or WeChat, they only look at titles or introductions, then feel that they have already known the content, but seldom read the articles carefully.

that's not an exaggeration! You know, according to a new US study, 59% of social media sharing links have never been opened: in other words, most people just share news rather than read content. People think that the content is known by looking at the abstracts of Twitter or Facebook, and the idea is really stupid.

famous American female runners, columnist Susan · Lakshmi said, from the beginning of writing, she was told that the content is important, but if there is no shock, interesting or other dramatic headlines, readers also don't click on reading. To this, she is deeply helpless.

Susan found that most people, including husband Neal, understand the title as the content. Here she gives an example of Neal. A few months ago, her husband saw an article on the face book entitled "the training state of dark chocolate." "Look at this, baby!" He said happily, "chocolate can make me run faster!" Since then, Neal began to eat a lot of chocolate, and sometimes more than 3 pieces of chocolate cake a day. But he hasn't run out of PR this season. (of course this is imaginable!)

Susan said, in fact, if Neal really read the article, he would know that it's a chocolate intake study conducted by 9 British cyclists. Only 9 people! This data is not enough to prove the "training state of chocolate promotion". But the title is because people around the world like chocolate as a supplement. What a ghost!

so, almost every day we see the recommended Title: "it is running will kill you." this sensational title will let the couch potatoes to firmly lay there, proudly waiting for death; "the red wine is a kind of healthy food, so people every day to drink 2 cups (oh well, 4 cups of wine);" spaghetti was an evil monster, but if this gluten "Monday home pasta company sponsoring a study, that the result may be" run the day to eat pasta "and" beer; promote the marathon recovery ", many people will immediately point a cup, completely ignore the original warning - alcohol free beer has proved its recovery characteristics?
for this, Susan appeals: don't be that kind of person! Read that damn article! Read the whole story according to the source.

, in addition to her social media tone, wrote several headlines and introductions:

· sugar beet industry admits products taste nausea: "insiders admit:" we aim at runners because they will eat anything, as long as you tell him that things can improve their performance.

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under the banner of "elite recruitment" under the banner of the large Fujian southeast TV career recruitment program "step by step to win", will be officially launched on March 4th, to now booming "workplace program" adds new army. The responsible person said that "step by step to win" on stage "bosses", not only the successful entrepreneurs from Fujian, there are many cutting-edge enterprises from all over the country CEO, the boss will not hesitate in the face of talent.

it is reported that the "step by step to win" invited "best employer group" is one of the most dazzling star level, a group from Fujian too many successful owners of private enterprises, such as XTEP CEO, CEO Heng group. "We will rely on the geographical advantage of southeast television, and invite more well-known entrepreneurs in Fujian," the official said. At the same time, "step by step to win" also invited Beijing, Shanghai and other places a lot of film and television, network, recruitment and other industries cutting-edge entrepreneurs, such group boss will undoubtedly make the stage of elite candidates, is the best place.

in addition, "step by step to win" also invited a former CCTV host fan Deng hosted, who has a PhD in management of the elite type host, before also presided over the business talk show "struggle", the Investment Reality Show "giving you one hundred million" workplace programs etc..

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