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The 1 mile running record holder of beer is signing a million contract

today, "beer 1 miles" event has Huobian global, Canada and iconic player, world record holder, Lewis College · Kent also become hot meat and potatoes. According to foreign media reports, in May 17th, he reaped a 2 - year contract offered by the "1 miles of beer" series with a total price of nearly a million yuan.

is 22 years old Lewis · Kent is a student from University of Western Ontario in Ontario, Canada. In December 2015, at the "beer 1 mile" World Championships, he won the title of the world champion with 4 points, 47 seconds and 17, and broke the world record of beer 1 miles, which is the second time he broke the record in half a month.

from then on, he jumped into the landmark runner of the project. While winning the 5000 dollar prize, Lewis also signed his first contract in the industry with Brooks.

and the contract signed on Tuesday is Lewis's second largest list. According to his agent Chris, he will serve as the official ambassador of the national "beer 1 mile" series, so as to get a base salary.

"in the United States, there are 21 games, and the organizers are planning to continue to increase." Chris said, "they are very optimistic about the cooperation with Lewis and look forward to seeing a larger scale of development."

Chris also said that in addition to the bottom salary, Lewis can get extra bonus. With the development of the tour, the increase of participants and income, the prize of the world champion will rise and the total price of the contract is expected to exceed $100000. At present, the competition has 21 branches in the United States, attracting about 34000 runners. The Canadian and European sub races have also started, but some have not been part of the formal tour.

, according to the official website of the national "beer 1 mile" tour, the event "wants to unite runners, walkers and drinkers to form a fun filled event. After that, there are live music, games and good people's parties."

because of the TV show "Alan show", Lewis's popularity has increased significantly in November. The day before winning the world champion, he also won the 1 year supply of Amsterdam Blonde beer.
Darren ·, a famous
ESPN journalist, and Lowell also announced the news to his 1300000 fans on twitter.

(Sina running moonlight)

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