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, as a woman who loves beauty, the last thing she wants is to see the wrinkles on her face. However, with the passage of time, especially after the age of 25, the aging of the skin will accelerate, and wrinkles have begun to breed. Long wrinkles are not terrible. As long as you take care of your skin carefully, you will be younger than others.

potatoes have the effect of protecting the skin and maintaining the appearance. Fresh potato juice is applied directly to the face and the whitening effect is remarkable. Women with small wrinkles on their faces cut the potatoes into pieces and spread them on their faces to protect the skin and reduce wrinkles.
The most important function of
vitamin E is anti-aging, that is, delaying senility and maintaining youthful vigor. The experiment proved that human cells multiply and then split the 50 deaths, while vitamin E treated cells, can be split over 120 times, will extend the life of cells 2.4 times, that is to say, vitamin E can slow down aging 2.4 times. Usually you can add a few drops of vitamin E to your face cream.

below, Xiaobian recommend to you a few easy to use domestic skin care products, quickly try it.

thousands of fiber, sponge gourd water, it extracted the essence of loofah ingredients, beauty, beauty, pat face, will not feel a sense of stimulation, very gentle. When the face is dry, it can help you maintain a moisturizing feeling of your skin, add moisture to your face and dilute some small dry lines.

thousand fiber grass gourd water 500ml toner



senior Micky silk beauty honey, a very good reputation of the old products, traditional Chinese medicine formula, whitening effect is very good. Without any greasy feeling, a variety of natural moisturizing ingredients, but also to maintain a lasting skin moisture, and make the skin more translucent.

3 shipping Micky super silk beauty honey


seaweed mask is a very popular home-made facial mask, and many people like to use seaweed DIY mask for DIY skin care. Seaweed mask has a variety of skin care functions, such as oil control, clean pores, calm fatigue, so that the skin to maintain delicate, shiny and so on. You'll love it when you use it.

seaweed mask, natural moisturizing

aloe vera gel has so many functions that everyone knows it can be used as a face cream, for acne removal, and for sleeping masks. Apply to the skin, you can bring soothing and calming effect of the skin, to promote better absorption, can form a refreshing protective film for the skin, but also repair large pores.

Aloe Vera Gel 300ml moisture replenishment

pearl beauty pearl bird nest sleeping mask, I have been in use, very good, you can try oh. You can sleep in white, tender, spring up disposable mask. It contains full nest essence, can provide moisture and nutrition to the skin, and help your skin fast and bright white, make the skin smooth and elastic.
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