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Marathon training program for the first runners
, we had introduced the first part of "the key last 12 weeks", "the simple marathon training program for the first runners". Let's take a look at the second part.

4-6 week

Sunday: fourth weeks, "regressive week" run 9-10 miles (about 14.5-16.1km), fifth weeks run 16 miles (about 25.7km), and sixth weeks run 17 miles (about 27.4km). During the last 5-6 weeks, at the last 8-9 miles (about 12.9-14.5km), 1 minutes and 2 minutes of acceleration were appropriately added every 8-9 minutes.

Monday: Week 4-6 resumed and non run training reached 60-65 minutes.

Tuesday: the fourth week "retreat week" loosened 4 miles (about 6.4km) and relaxed 6 miles (about 9.7km) in the 5-6 week.

Wednesday: the fourth week "retreat week" is easy to run 5 miles (about 8km); the 5-6 week runs more than 7 miles (about 11.3km), and matches the speed of about 15-20 seconds per mile faster than the marathon target speed to make 6-7 group 800m. Each 800m is added 2 minutes for a walk recovery. Don't forget 2 miles (about 3.2km) warm up and 1 miles (about 1.61km) to adjust to relaxation.

Thursday: take a 75 - minute walk in the 4-6 week.

Friday: 4 miles (about 6.4km) for the fourth week "retreat week" short run, 6 miles (about 9.7km) for the 5-6 week short run.

Saturday: fourth weeks' retreat week 'rest day, 5 miles (about 8km) in the 5-6 week.

7-9 week

this is the last intensive training before the pre game reduction period. These 3 weeks will include 2 marathons' targeted long-distance running training. Meanwhile, you should also train water and food supplies, as well as adaptive long-distance running on the similar terrain of target competitions.

seventh weeks

seventh weeks will have 1 long runs and some modest training to improve the strength of the basic rhythm. In order to improve the aerobic condition, a group of extra non - running training, such as swimming pool or swimming in a deep water pool, is added.

Sunday: long distance running, 18-20 miles (about 29-32.2km), and the last 8-9 miles (about 12.9-14.5km) at moderate speed. In addition, in the last 80 minutes, every 7-8 minutes is added to 1 minutes to speed up the run. Finally, the 6*100m gait approach is carried out.

Monday: non running days (rest); a non run training (swimming or pool running) can be selected.

Tuesday: relax with a dialogue and speed up 6 miles (about 9.7km).

Wednesday: run 7-8 miles (about 11.

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