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Running service station

new Beijing News News (reporter Li Tingting) running has become a basic way of life for many citizens, and the runways of the big parks in Beijing are gradually burning up.

reporter learned from Chaoyang Park that Chaoyang Park, which is 6 kilometers long, has attracted 2000 runners. In the near future, there are also running service stations in the park, which can provide runners with one-stop services such as bags, bathing, physical training, running events registration, and organize two running activities every week.

4 runways for the choice of 202 street lamps for night fitness
According to
, Chaoyang Park is 2.8 km north and south, 1.5 km in width and 87% for greening. In order to facilitate the public's running and fitness, the health walkway was built last year.
Tian Jinxian, general manager of
Chaoyang Park Development and operation company, said that Chaoyang Park's healthy walkway is the longest one built in the park after the Olympic Forest Park's healthy walk. The health walkway has designed four different routes of 6 kilometers, 4.5 kilometers, 2 kilometers and 1 kilometers, and 2 meters in width. The whole closed loop, the central aisle to health lines surrounding the artificial landscape, plants sketch and rides, suitable for short distance walking; North aisle relatively quiet along the line of health, planting are pine, poplar and other plants, suitable for long distance walking. The park is characterized by the "Quietness" of the south.

Tian Jinxian, the plastic nano material by vigorous green. Compared with ordinary asphalt pavement, plastic footpath has moderate elasticity and resilience, which can absorb foot impact force, not only can reduce physical consumption and sports injury, but also has good skid resistance.

"walking" runway also set up 18 signs, indicating the direction for tourists; every 30 meters to set up a total of 202 street lamps, street lamp, convenient fitness exercise at night.

running service stations are free to open
for free run groups
reporter learned from Chaoyang Park that the opening of health walkway attracted more and more citizens to go running and fitness. At the weekend, they were more popular and attracted about 2000 runners every weekend. In the near future, the park has opened a running service station that can be wrapped and bathing for the convenience of the public.

, a running service called "come run," is located near the entrance of 5 doors in Chaoyang Park. "To run" the relevant person in charge of the service station area of about 200 square meters, currently can provide storage bag, bath, free mineral water and other services, with a number of functional areas to accommodate fitness equipment, there is a full-time coach for the runners of physical training, body fat testing and other services, and to sign up running events.

, the person in charge said that the running service station was a member system. Now more than 2000 members have joined. Every Wednesday night and Saturday morning, there will be regular running activities. >

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