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Run group logo

run group name

Beijing dawn footsteps

set up time


member size

1200 people about

active area


run group slogan

dawn footsteps, leading the national

running group introduces

dawn footsteps are meant to wake people early to run. In April 16, 2007, Jiaozuo net friend "summer Poplar" posted on the Internet: "don't sleep in, get up and run, I call you." The post says that anyone who wants to run without a morning run and text messages to him will get up and run every day. Because of the media's propaganda, people want to exercise their body and desire to get a healthy "explosion" with the help of others. Imitate this way to wake up, and word of mouth, "fission", more and more participants.

has a nice name called "dawn footsteps". A person who wakes someone else's running is called the "dawn angel".

dawn footsteps have gradually become a synonym for a national fitness campaign and a national sports brand. Up to now, the dawn footsteps have reached about 500000 people, and the 300 cities in the country have dawn footsteps.

Beijing dawn footsteps to awaken the awareness of the health of the people, with unremitting life movement, the interpretation of the true meaning of life and the meaning of life. In June 2014, "Beijing dawn walk" running group was established. Now it has been certified by Sina micro-blog. There are 4 QQ group (more than 1200 people), two WeChat group (more than 460 people) and "Beijing dawn step" WeChat public number (more than 720 people are concerned about). In 2015, Sina won the "2014 running China" award. 2014, 2015 organized the North horse dawn to walk thousands of people, and organized all of you to participate in all kinds of running activities and provide volunteers.

dawn footsteps, not only a distance, but also a piece of thought. The awakened step of the dawn is not only a dream, but a mind to return to himself. With a little effort, to help people in need. You share rose get fun�� Waking others, nobleness. Through perseverance and running, the participants of the dawn footsteps not only reap the health of the body, but also the soul is also purified and promoted. Positive, healthy, sunny and upward mentality have carried forward the positive energy of the society, spread the positive energy and make a contribution to the harmonious society.

main event

June 25, 2014, the Beijing dawn tread group was set up.

February 2015 Orson about running

March 2015 to attend Zhengkai marathon;
April 2015 in Beijing love to run activities

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