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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] with a Nike basketball shoes, the domestic price of only 500 yuan higher than abroad, but also in foreign sales to the domestic double air cushion into a single cushion. Recently, the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau of the first public disclosure of the interests of consumers against Nike's case, saying Nike has been fined 4.87 million yuan Sports of. It is reported that this is the business sector for business "double standards" out of the first ticket. "in accordance with the 'big evil Correctional commandment too small' criteria, the business of law enforcement focus on the subjective intent of those violations exist." Deputy director of Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau, spokesman Liu Jian introduced, said a Nike Domestic price up to 1299 yuan high-end basketball shoes, one of the main selling points is the heel and forefoot dual air, but the same propaganda, also higher than the foreign price of 500 yuan, Chinese consumers only, but it is only one air cushion products. "Nike products to engage in 'double standards', to distinguish between treat Chinese and foreign consumers, for such behavior, Trade a cheap jordans for sale mens nd Industry Bureau will not be tolerated!" Liu Jian said that although Nike published immediately after filing a statement AIC recognition of Chinese products is only one cushion, and promised to return for the consumer has purchased, but considering the Nike company pursues a double standard against the Chinese consumer behavior, industry and commerce bureau or impose heavy fines for Nike. In fact, daily necessities, electronic products, food industry to the automotive sector, and some international big names are there double standards at home and abroad. For example, since 2009, Johnson & Johnson products were recalled in 25 countries, but these do not involve China recall. Some well-known notebook manufacturers in the global recall of laptop while, but then our consumer launch of the so-called "voluntary replacement" program. In addition, Apple iPad1 refund the difference but also the implementation of double standards, are raised consumers questioned. for the "big ocean" This "differentiated" approach, the industry believes that, despite the Chinese market is extremely important for multinational companies, but they do not attach importance to China from the men cheap jordans online tality. Because "relied on good products," can feel "nothing to fear." Therefore, it may be the source of legislation through, strengthen law enforcement supervision, public opinion and other methods, to "foreign brand" to "Color." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)The new version of the Jordan Melo M12 has not only emerged, it is not only due to the high popularity of Carmelo Anthony, but also to another New York yankees. Recently, Jordan Brand Yankees and launched a special tribute to the Jordan Melo M12 this special edition, the shoe body selects the iconic white and blue colors, and the golden tongue Logo and bottom Jumpman is particularly eye-catching. item: 827176-194Price: jordan-melo-m12-yankees-white-navy-1.png (438.71 KB, download times: 22) download attachment Jordan Melo M12 Yankees officially released Upload 09:10 2016-1-19 jordan-melo-m12-yankees-white-navy-2.png (859.1 KB, download times: 27) download attachment Jordan Melo M12 Yankees officially released Upload 09:10 2016-1-19 jordan-melo-m12-yankees-white-navy-3.png (314.27 KB, download times: 23) download attachment Jordan Melo M12 Yan Retro jordans for sale kees officially released Upload 09:10 2016-1-19 jordan-melo-m12-yankees-white-navy.jpg (73.42 KB, download times: 25) download attachment Jordan Melo M12 Yankees officially released Upload 09:10 2016-1-19 jordan-melo-m12-yankees-white-navy-4.png (340.05 KB, download times: 31) download attachment Jordan Melo M12 Yankees officially released 2016-1-19 09:10 upload 〉new-balance-m1300-photographic-journey-pack-1.jpg (83.36 KB, download times: 0) download attachment New Balance 2016 fall new preview 2016-9-29 upload at 13:06 7 from 22, Cristiano, ·, Ronaldo will join forces to open Nike personal first trip to china. As a representative of the outstanding athletes in the sports world, C Luo has visited China several times with the club. The China C Ronaldo will visit Shanghai and Beijing two city, and Chinese football lovers to share their extraordinary football story, secret of success and inspire more exclusive secret Chinese teenagers football, detonated belongs to this nation's extraordinary! As the absolute leader, C, in June this year, with two goals to help the team 4:1 win over Juventus, fourth summit of Europe's premier club competitio Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping n top, this is his occupation career in the team's twenty-first represents a different club championship of the tournament. On the international soccer scene, C Ronaldo led the Portuguese national team into the European Championship in the summer of 2016 with brilliant goals and extraordinary leadership. In addition, the 4 European golden globe winner has scored 604 official goals in his career, 75 of which made him the first ever Portuguese national team striker. There is no doubt that these incredible figures will continue to climb. 4a9c15bc-f2ce-4fb1-8004-2fe5285bcc5c.jpg (415.09 KB, download times: 0) download attachment who took eighty thousand to rob C Nike CR7 Mercurial Campeõ esUpload 09:20 2017-7-19 As a tribute to the001IzPVqty6FVSbwtMNf5& amp; 690.jpeg (87.4 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-1-20 12:36 upload the beginning of 2014, the Li Ning Co new shoes Li Ningyun technology to create a variety of new basketball shoes have been gradually exposed, Li ningyun flight was born brighten, comfortable and beautiful. More people lead a person to endless aftertastes. Today Lining basketball report protagonist Lining waves (LI-NING Lipper), al cheap jordan shoes for men so equipped with a Li Ningyun technology. 001IzPVqty6FVS5qok4bc& amp; 690.jpeg (85.87 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-1-20 12:36 upload From the shape of 001IzPVqty6FVSaq9kNfd& amp; 690.jpeg (74.11 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-1-20 12:36 upload Adidas Originals will push this year to 45th anniversary in the name of the Superstar model, the streets of Ganso full taste gold standard Superstar 80s Deluxe series, and more recently the release for Rivalry River series East to do note. The two NBA teams - Inspiration to come from New York city Broolyn nets and New York Nicks team, is the same for the family but also compete with each other. The series includes the all-match two black and white color, the other two is to arrange for the team colors, most notably the heel and three stripes on the use of the snakeskin lines, also appears to shell head fans gold tongue, permeated with the classic wild, and New York proud basketball glory. a40cfc73b074362c47809394730d358a.jpg (66.38 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals Superstar East River Rivalry series 2015-1-17 16:28 upload 326e03078444b788dfa522b3e167fd2b.jpg (70.15 KB, download nu Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping mber: 0) download adidas Originals Superstar East River Rivalry series 2015-1-17 16:28 upload 9cfcee9bb16ff8782ccc3ea79dea222d.jpg (66.09 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals Superstar East River Rivalry series 2015-1-17 16:28 upload 4f19482e04cee74a45641a760f3d6c5a.jpg (69.08 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals Superstar East River Rivalry series 2015-1-17 16:27 upload a77dc56b06bc6c86f783f676b61de248.jpg (86.78 KB, download number: 00& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; is priced at $ 115 pair of Nike Air Jordan XIX Low, the world's largest personal auction site Ebay to sell $ 90 or less. Most of these so cheap shoes from Nike's contract factories around the world or counterfeit Nike products factories, including factories in China. "100% authentic Nike product, no factory variants, no B Grade." Wang students from China, the United States so the buyer to his description he sold shoes. What this means is that Wang sold Nike shoes, Nike is absolutely genuine, not defective, not B goods. In mid-October, Wang through the Internet with a domestic supplier made contact Wang supplier to offer authentic Nike shoes, each pair of shoes priced lo cheap jordans for sale wer than the market price at least doubled, and is responsible for mailing. Wang just need to get these shoes on Ebay and other sites for public auction, and the money transfers sent by post to the supplier information. Because the price is cheap, but the commitment is genuine, so Wang's business to do very smoothly, customers in addition to the United States, as well as Britain, Germany and other countries. Wang auction is handy to do it now, the use of spare time to make a living have no problem. "Everyone likes to buy cheap goods, I now make a lot of money." Wangdong Xi Zizi told reporters. B goods namely trade Weihuo But in fact, Wang shoes is not as what he said "no factory variants, no B Grade". Before Wang promised to provide sources of suppliers told Wang, these shoes from Nike factory really a hundred percent, but it is not a hundred percent A cargo, B goods but a hundred percent, that familiar Weihuo foreign trade. Wang explained to reporters, Nike's product quality requirements are very strict, so the contract factories in order to complete the order by the acceptance, the actual production number is usually more than the number of orders. Produced pr Retro jordans for sale oducts, the acceptance of qualified were allowed to enter the Nike sales channels such product is called A cargo, but not acceptance, and this much production out of products are called B goods. As a result, B goods may be genuine quality fully qualified, there may be a slight flaw defective, "but these flaws, the average person is not apparent." So in fact, Wang is not worried about someone deliberately making things difficult therefore to him, "Even if someone really found a flaw, non looking for me, it does not matter, anyway, good attitude point, or price lower and lower points, or return. But in general the Ebay to Amoy shoes who are experienced and know so cheap Nike, can never be a hundred percent A cargo. They usually do not care does not affect the appearance of some small flaws, only care about true and false, it , generally do not have too many problems. " particular market channels Strictly speaking, these B goods are not allowed to be entering the market. It is understood that such companies like Nike, in order to contract the production plant will be required to directly provide fabric by Nike contract factories, and strictly control the number of f Cheap air jordans for sale abrics, in order to avoid situations of excessive B goods. Press the formal process of production, then, after the completion of all orders should only occur a few pairs of B goods. According to the provisions of Nike, these extra B goods, regardless of the quality of how things should be strictly destroyed. However, many domestic factories, these shoes should have been destroyed and not destroyed, but is often through special channels, into the market. Nike There are currently more than 120 contract factories in China, are located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places. Wang contacted the supplier of its location it brings together a number of contract factories Nike shoes. The supplier specializing in European and American markets, sales of thousands of pairs of Nike shoes a year to Europe and other countries. In Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu area, is also active in hundreds of bits the same supplier. Wang such as individual "retail" In fact, not a domestic goods suppliers Nike B's main customer base, these B goods suppliers target customers are overseas big customer. Similarly, they also own such sales called "trade", although cheap foamposites they do not need to obtain foreign trade qualifications, do not need to follow state regulations incorporated in the corresponding foreign trade companies. These suppliers have built their own website in English, will sell products on the Internet show, so that overseas customers can find them. Allegedly, the early Fujian, Guangdong and other places of black foreign trade, we are doing a site, and then lied to send your money to come after foreign clients to close down, but not now. "Now we sell are true, because we do long-term business, foreigners are not fake, just really, if you give them false, next time he will not come." A Fujian specializing in Nike, Adidas products of "foreign" suppliers told reporters that they actually are not getting goods directly from the manufacturer, but a specialized wholesalers to various manufacturers responsible for the acquisition of these goods B, then secret wholesale to them. "Of course, no relationship and distrust certainly can not get the goods." by EMS normal exit From the "wholesaler" at wholesale out not only shoes, including Nike factory invoice. "Send the shoes are sent to foreign countries by EMS Post (EMS) mail delivery, if there is no Nike vendor invoices, customs clearance which certainly had not." It is understood that the normal Nike shoes from China shipped to a foreign country, you must first pay the tax payment to the tax authorities before they can fill in a customs invoice. These B goods shoes completely omit this step, but can also be used such invoice exit. Wang supplier who admits that invoice is true he did not know, but shoes can exit the truth. From the "wholesaler" out of the shoes at wholesale price generally charged about $ 30, EMS postal shipping usually at $ 20, EMS postal Usually shipped in relatively small number of cases is free of tariffs, only the amount exceeding the Customs will charge a tariff. Thus, a pair of shoes to reach overseas, the price usually will increase to about $ 50. When "for large long-term customers to goods, we are giving them preferential price, generally a pair of shoes we earn 4-5 US dollars look like." So, the shoes arrive in the hands of large foreign customers, the price of $ 60 per pair so, while the normal market price, this shoe almost to more than 100 US dollars. It is understood that the general has done a good supplier sales year alone, Nike and Adidas shoes, you can pin on tens of thousands of pairs. When the B encounter fake goods In fact, according to Nike's fabric suppliers normal production, then, even if all B Nike into the market in China, more than 120 contract goods factories, their number can not have so much. The reason causing B goods flooding the real reason: Many domestic contract manufacturers in the production order, may be out of consideration for quality acceptance rate will go to purchase more fabric, so the number of B goods is greatly increased. On the other hand, due to the re-examination every year Nike contract factories, while giving up some unqualified manufacturers, add some new manufacturers. Such individual manufacturers lost orders, mastered the technology of Nike, known raw materials procurement channels, and will be driven by the interests under desperate, daring counterfeiting and Fan Jia. True or false B goods, so a lot into the market. adequate supply of B goods supplier - sales network and improve the B goods distributors - plus a lot of consumer goods like expensive B, B to form a complete chain of goods sold. In Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places, there are supply and marketing system like this exists. B export goods go nothing more than a "fake fake" plus road tax, therefore, B goods Vendors often become the object of national and Nike teamed up to combat. reporters according to the supplier's instructions Fujian, Nike shoes to find a website that goods very complete, and even the latest Nike even have a supply. But on the whole site, except for the contact E-mail address, and MSN for instant messaging network, did not leave any contact phone number and address. It is understood that from the beginning couple of years ago, Nike has been working on with these "prudent" to combat the illegal vendors, such as joint local government seizure of their infringing website, investigate B cargo warehouse. But in fact, due to the highly secretive B cargo warehouses, suppliers of hard to find its track, this fight has been little success, Nike in addition to continuing to spend beyond fake, only frequently by the media to inform the user at home and abroad: There is no one in China authorized distribution site is Nike products. In the interests of the drive under, this is actually a very pale inform.

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