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Sports player Concepts & times; Nike SB brings a new joint shoes 2013-09-24 11:28:11 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network September 24 hearing, after causing temporary topic last year in cooperation, "When Pigs Fly" Dunk Hi, in order to meet the arrival of the holiday season of 2013, Boston fashion sports brand Nike to join hands in the name of the branch's slide again Nike Concepts SB, brought this pair Dunk High Premium unique style called "Ugly Christmas Sweater" in. The shoes from the classic Gaotong contour starting from childhood kids parents will be forced to wear the "ugly" Christmas sweater inspi Retro jordans for sale red by the red with green prints on top of gray canvas, combined with inside and red Green Swoosh more to create a Christmas atmosphere, and equipped with white midsole and green outsole show. (Media Partner: clothing with) Related news bullish the uniformly AJ true and false comparison. Today we are going to look at the adidas Stan Smith to how to identify; and we will send the event last get limited edition T-shirt, congratulations to @ heartbeat long love how long! Although the end of the event, but I hope you continue to support the identification, 24 hours in a timely manner to respond to the customer when the commitment to identify! Speaking today Stan Smith of true and cheap jordans for sale mens false comparison of standard shoes fuzzy reference value is not great, but different shoe box, label, what is origin cause, or to distinguish between true and false key, how do you see? 1. false, 2- true get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observatio cheap foamposites n] if next year's Asian Cup in January, the Chinese national team jersey is no longer wearing Adidas, then you must not be surprised. China Team sponsorship agreement between Adidas will expire in December this year, so far, two of the progress of contract talks did not go well, or even close to collapse. If not next month, Adidas will not improve their offer, next year will be the first Chinese national team to wear other brands of clothing campaign of international competition. Lift China Team uniforms, Adidas seems to be the obvious choice, since the 1980s Adi cooperation with the Chinese national team began, when the Chinese Football Association is not even a separate depar Cheap air jordans for sale tment. 30 In recent years, Adi almost Chinese soccer team's image closely, although the middle a few times when the contract expires also coming out over the two sides may not be renewed rumors, but cooperation between the two sides has never been like this year is really facing toward breaking up ending. Adidas sponsorship deal between the Chinese team and the World Cup period is in accordance with the signed contract is the last time in 2010, was the amount of sponsorship for China Team Adidas raised over one hundred million yuan each year, sponsored by the Chinese Football Association subordinates all GuoZiHao team. In accordance with the schedule, this is a contract year betw Retro jordans for sale een the Chinese Football Association and Adidas, as early as two years ago, Adidas has been reported to the Football Association over the price orally, this year the two sides have already started talks several times. But the result is not ideal, because the Adidas hopes to reduce the amount of sponsorship for China Team, and in accordance with the idea of ??the Football Association, the figure was supposed to be increased, the amount of the difference between the two sides is not small. Adidas reason put forward to reduce the amount of sponsorship is also not entirely without reason, a direct reason is that in 2011 the Football Association Camacho chicken coaching change behavio cheap jordans for sale r. Adidas as a sponsor is not in favor of the top 20 finals open play chicken coaching change, but their views were not listened to the Football Association. The result is a rush to bring the Chinese team coaching change in November 2011, it has been ahead of the World Cup exit. For Adidas, the sponsor of the Chinese national team is the most important game in their living preliminaries can provide a good branding opportunity. 2004 and 2008 Chinese team twice missed the 10 finals, it can also be said that the reason for the strength of aspects, but in 2011 this time is entirely due to human error caused by the Football Association out in advance. When the Chinese team's early exi Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping t, the new Adidas sponsorship deal signed just over a year, the next three years, Adidas after paying the high sponsorship fees, the annual Chinese national team can only play some warm-up Race support the facade, this game is clearly unable to return huge sponsorship provided by Adidas. This is also when the Adidas offer to the Football Association, made the most important reason to reduce the amount of sponsorship. Changes in senior Adidas in China is one of the reasons. Adidas, the newly appointed president of China from Malaysia, his interest in football is not great. While sales in China Team uniform and other related products is not good, it also allows Adidas China, execut Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ives decided to cut sponsorship budget. On the other hand, Adi successfully this year to get the jersey sponsor of Manchester United, for the next few years in terms of sales in China, which is a good market, it also allows China Team Adidas attractive aspect weakened. cooperation with China Team over thirty years of Adidas produced a fatigued, does not mean that the other brands on the Chinese Team not interested. In that negotiations between Adidas and the China Team did not go well after Adidas's biggest rival in the international arena, Nike natural homeopathic follow-up, but initially did not want to target the Chinese Football Association to cooperate locked in Nike body. B cheap jordans online ecause the Super League has been sponsored by Nike overall, but the contract has to be before the end of 2018, the Chinese Football Association do not want to put all your eggs in one basket. also had interest in domestic brands to sponsor the national football, 361 degrees have been quoted to the Football Association, they offer to more than two Adidas and Nike. However, taking into account the value of the brand, the association asked if the domestic brand sponsorship, the amount to be greatly improved. After successive Asian Games sponsored a number of large projects, and ultimately gave up 361 degrees China Team project. Currently, the most promising from Adidas hands then cheap jordan shoes for men set China Team project is still Nike. Just last week, the Chinese Football Association and Nike were just the latest round of negotiations. Nike has the advantage of pricing, the overall offer before they give slightly higher than the current amount Adidas sponsorship of China Team. For Nike, if at this time to take over China Team, will undoubtedly be the biggest challenge is time. January next year the Chinese team would participate in the Asian Cup, December 28 Chinese team will leave for Australia. If Nike really become China's new team sponsor, which means they want to in less than two months time, ready for a full range of Chinese Team equipment. Even international brands, such time is too tight. In particular, to take over as the new sponsor, Nike had to face a comparison between the previous sponsor Adidas, which is more in advance to let them do it. Because of time constraints, it is necessary for the Chinese Football Association finalized the future sponsors contracts in early November, so that if the management replace sponsors of the situation, we must try to give a new sponsor more set aside some time to prepare. After all, this contest the Asian Cup, the Chinese Football Association do not want the Chinese team appeared on the short-board equipment. Because there are more than 30 years of cooperation between feelings and Adidas, the Chinese Football Association is still awaiting final offer Adi respect, I hope that they can give the team an identity in line with China's offer at the last moment. For Adi, if abandon the China Team project is actually a fairly risky decision. Super package contract between Nike and this year has just begun a second five-year period, until the end of 2018 the order expires. If the team loses China, at least until 2018, Adidas in China will not be any football sponsorship, which is fundamental for football products for Adidas, it is not a small challenge. Whether Adidas will terminate cooperation with China Team three decades it? Murder is "Nothing isimpossible" ?. Nike how to treat China Team project The answer is (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) ? "Just do it?." to Steve & middot; shot curry on the pitch of a record is suffocating, I believe NBA fans are quite profound impression; and overwhelmed, UA and 2 for its endorsement of the curry bring new "long shot" long shot color, overall color layout is quite clear, black after Qian Huang and ending in a large white bottom, sideways to have the same shade of yellow logo embellishment; there is no release of information related to the sale, please attention when customer follow-up report. source: basket4ballers

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