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may be a lot of fans are still talked about a few days ago for the soon to be released NIKE upcoming animated film "ParaNorman" (ParaNorman) Release of Air Foamposite One ParaNorman Special Edition. Recently on the Internet by the exposure of a designer and Sole Swap Rebel Aire jointly and design of Nike Air Foamposite One "Metallic Red Leopard". Shoes and crystal outsole this double shoes are designed with a pure red, so that the overall sense of the shoes even more visual impact. It is noteworthy that leopard pattern leather lace around the hole, as if a trace of wild exudes atmosphere. Specially produced metal shoe buckle is one of its highlights. Embedded in the heel of the shoe with the words "SOLE SWAP", meaning "Soul Exchange", does Designers Society of the film "Westward Journey" in the Yihundafa? (Laughing) Source: sneakernews & nb cheap jordans for sale mens sp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Titolo New Balance recently invited to jointly, as its flagship shoes 247 brings the new "Deep Into The Blue" color, the color in the cold water for inspiration, with a large area of high-grade suede uppers create, hit the color of the word "N" Logo design is more bright spots. It is reported that the shoes will be officially released on June 24th. 7 3, Anta two generation male football boots and media Football Conference held in Beijing, Anta football boots carefully crafted lion two generation officially released. Asian Footballer of the year, Chinese national team captain Mr. Zheng Zhi, well-known sports commentator, former international Mr. Xu Yang and Anta football category promotion leader Mr. Zheng Yexin and so on, attended this Football Conference together. conference site, Anta football Ambassador Mr. Zheng cheap jordan shoes for men Zhi personally for the two generation of Lions Football Boots unveiled, and interact with the son of a small coke, Anta built specifically for the small children of friends of the little lion boots. After the conference, more than 40 football reporter conducted a media friendly, to experience and feel the lion two generation boots. Zheng Zhi and Xu Yang also integrated into the activities, respectively, team led 4 small fans interactive game, with the influence of stars to train and stimulate children's interest in football. inherited control of the bloodline, extremely nail technology to help the two generation of lions comprehensive upgrade 2015 December, Zheng Zhi for the first time wearing Anta shoes will debut in the lion caused a stunning voice: smooth appearance, bright color to make fashion boots lion quickly became a new super Stad cheap jordans for sale ium on the foot of the scenery. A comprehensive upgrade of the two generation of lions, both in appearance and The students surpass the teacher. level of science and technology, combined with the introduction of star shoes appearance elements, spray printing, delicate and unique texture, and also just spokesperson Zheng Zhi constellation - Leo nebula is exactly the same, highlight the charm of the avant-garde. As the core technology in the first series of lions, acclaim the nail technology in the two generation product upgrade: according to different parts, shoes with different shapes and materials be arranged the same parts of nails, tacks composed of different materials are fused together, guarantee the same stress surface at least three hobnail produce adhesion. To further enhance the control of shoes. At the same time, the design of shoe m Retro jordans for sale aterials with Lycra socks, the player ankle wrapped by light and comfortable shoes, wear resistance, shock absorbing material integration of manufacturing technology, bring the extremely light wearing experience. "one proposition, three plan", Anta football strategy layout results show Domestic sports brand market competition increasingly fierce challenges, Anta football is very clear to clarify their own brand positioning, to help the long-term healthy development of China youth football for oneself, "issued a claim, the three plan" football strategy, a proposition: that just to play ideas; three plan contains the football program, football coach plan, football equipment plan, with nearly two years of time, the layout of Anta football strategy has achieved initial success. Anta from Jiangsu Province Youth Football League, the League Cup Retro jordans for sale China to primary and middle school students in Xiamen Football League football matches, Anta has been in action plans, including Anta Jiangsu Province Youth Football League, is the campus Football League as the main line, to create a youth football training camp, the campus football coaches training courses, into the campus, the campus football star public education, the campus football Carnival and other activities, directly involved in the teachers and students of over million people. University League Cup, known as "Chinese University Students' own world cup", is the highest"exercise massage" is the method of massage to the muscles that have been produced by fatigue, to help the metabolism of the muscle tissue, and to reproduce the activity. Experts also found that massage on the recovery of injury, prevention of sports injuries and reduce cheap jordans online mental anxiety before the game and muscle relaxation has a significant effect. long distance runners in after long time, repeated runs action after will result in the use of the muscles and tendons of the soft tissue of the tight, blocking the normal parts of the blood circulation, the movement of waste accumulation in tissues, affect the next movement performance. Also the excessive use of muscle, tissue caused by wear and tear, inflammation, body tissue and thus instinctively relationship, fixed the muscle tendon, resulting in the phenomenon of muscle stiffness, first will affect to the softness and relax, not treated appropriately, it will cause tissue adhesive viscosity and a scab, after the parts of the degree. (image source: 123RF) sports massage and anecdotal meridian massage technique is different, and the latter is emphatically in Cheap air jordans for sale for meridian acupoint stimulation, trying to to stimulate and activate nerve and accelerating nerve conduction, start the body circulation to accelerate the metabolism of waste. Sports massage is directly the muscles exert pressure, hope can active the parts of nerve conduction, eliminate fluid accumulation, reduce soft tissue inflammation, adhesion, so that the muscles to restore integrity and security after the action is complete the activity. Therefore, in general, the movement of massage manipulation directly to the exercise part of the operation, the time required for the meridian massage is short, the effect is more direct and effective. After intense exercise, 15-20 minutes of exercise massage to achieve the desired results. Sports Massage gimmick dozens, different techniques have different roles and professional trainer (Sport trainer Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ) will be proficient in these different techniques, Taiwan in sports massage this field is not widespread (though the streets are full of meridian massage), the general public runners to be easy to find a professional sports massage is difficult, so we can do is "running partner each other simple massage" and "using props self massage". (photo: Guo Fengzhou) run parts need to have basic massage foot, Achilles tendon, leg, knee, thigh. The following directions and methods for the proposed massage: (1): the foot sole part utility to relax muscles, accelerate the circulation, avoid plantar fasciitis. 1. toe extension: contains the downward pressure (Figure 1), the individual finger activities (Figure two) (Figure 1 (left), figure two (right), picture source: Guo Fengzhou 2. foot lateral bending (Figure three) (Figure three, picture source: Guo Fe cheap foamposites ngzhou) 3. soles of the feet plantar muscle membrane (outer edge, and Figure 4), intermediate (Figure 5), massage method is directly with both hands thumb along the growth direction of the tendon can be pushed. (Figure four (left), figure five (right), picture source: Guo Fengzhou 〉Time: 2011-08-26 09:37 source: Click: second, according to overseas media reports, the following is the lowest profit rate of five well-known shoe prices. The profit margin helps to compare the relative profits of owning shares with those of other income assets such as bonds. Kesach of the United States (SkechersU.S.A) of the lowest profit rate is 2.98%, next is the timberland (Timberland) the profit rate is 4.21%, and LacrosseFootwear ranked third, profit rate of 4.88 according to foreign media reports, the following is the lowest profit rate of five well-kn Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping own shoe enterprises. The profit margin helps to compare the relative profits of owning shares with those of other income assets such as bonds.The latest survey shows that as of September, Taobao, eBay and pat China three sites on the C2C platform, the number of business sale reached 1 million 170 thousand shop, create 420 thousand jobs, the average income of the employed population may reach 2080 yuan. Tianjin "Meirixinbao" reported that the investigation is looking consulting is through the network store and sell goods on the Internet to get the amount of net profit, or online store employees receive wage income, survey analysis, and according to the local minimum wage standards, to determine the number of C2C e-commerce platform the seller for the community to create direct employment opportunities. survey found that the C2C platform directly created about 420 thousand jobs, that is, 420 thousand people through the C2C platform to engage in sales work to solve the employment problem. Online shopping has become one of the mainstream lifestyles of many young people, the industry said. Taobao data show that this year, China's "eleven" holiday period, daily trading volume of nearly 300 million yuan per day, an increase of 200% over the same period last year. EBay also said that during the festival, the volume of transactions doubled more than usual. The average monthly income of the employed population on the C2C platform is 2080 yuan. However, from the monthly income distribution, 42.7% of the employment population monthly income in the range of 800 to 1500 yuan. 30.5% of the employment population monthly income in the range of 1500 to 2000 yuan, that is, nearly 3/4 of the employment population, monthly income of 2000 yuan. Monthly income of more than 6000 yuan in the employment population accounted for only 1.3%. but although the number of stores and the number of participants on the C2C platform is large, most online store sales and online store owners have very little revenue. According to the survey, about 2% of the super seller sales accounted for 40% of total sales on the C2C platform. About 10% of middle sellers contributed about 30% of sales, while nearly 90% of small sellers contributed only about 30% of sales, of which monthly sales of two thousand yuan in the number of sellers, accounting for 2/3 of the total number of sellers. network sellers sell goods mainly in clothing and digital products. Taobao data show that this year, "eleven" period, the mainstream of online shopping is still mobile phones, notebook computers, audio and other digital home appliances, accounting for 14% of consumption. The consumption quota of such products is the highest, the highest single consumption of more than thirty thousand yuan, the minimum also several hundred dollars. but the fastest increase, while the largest sales are clothing products. China's "eleven" long vacation period, clothing sales in seven hundred thousand per day, sales of most children's children's clothing, the daily sales of one hundred thousand; footwear sales of about fifty thousand pairs per day. Website relevant person in charge said that clothing products accounted for 16% of the market share, while in the same period last year, clothing products accounted for only about 10%. The survey also found that school students, new college graduates, unemployed, unemployed and unemployed

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